This site has been established as the complete archive for people who want to learn about the positive achievements of Craig W.J. Minogue who is the longest serving and most prominent jailhouse lawyer and imprisoned educator in Melbourne, Australia. The serious crimes Craig committed almost a generation ago, and which he is very much sorry for, are well documented in other places and will not specifically be dealt with here.

On the Q&A page Craig has said ‘I understand the pain and suffering I have caused. I am very sorry for the crimes of my past, and I regret those actions very much and wish I had not done them.’

This site is not about publicity or promotion. This site aims to help Craig maintain and build a support network of academics and others who are interested in his academic work. Craig wants to make a positive contribution to the community when he is released. This site aims to connect Craig to the community and to support him in making that positive contribution.

Craig has been in prison since 1986 and his earliest released date is 2016, he is currently incarcerated at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre in Lara, Victoria Australia. Marngoneet is a medium security prison with an operational and philosophical focus on rehabilitative and addressing offending behaviour programs.

On February 8 2012 Craig was awarded a research PhD specialising in the field of Applied Ethics and Human & Social Sciences from La Trobe University in Melbourne.

Craig can be contacted via:
Dr Craig W.J. Minogue PhD
Locked Bag 7
Victoria 3212


Update from Craig

This 27 March is the 30th anniversary of the Russell Street bombing. I have long ago apologised for, and said I am sorry, for the crimes I committed. But I do wonder about the whole notion of having anniversaries of such events, but if the victims of such events want to do something, then I feel that should be a private matter for them. I am told that elements in the mainstream tabloid like media are going to run stories on the 30th anniversary. The media present these stories as a kind of memorial to victims, but they run these stories for their own vested commercial I interests.  I would think that the victims of the crime do not need, and do not want to be reminded of it by seeing images, hearing the sounds and the commentary about their trauma. I don’t need or want to be reminded of it because I, like everyone affected by the crime, live with the consequences every day. Anniversary stories are publicity for the sake of selling the advertising time and space which is attached to the media product, and this really is a bit ordinary; it is not in the public interest, even if the public are drawn to look at the media product as one would a car crash, we know we shouldn’t look but we do.

Politics for the Imprisoned

Craig has published a non-fiction book titled: Politics for the Imprisoned: A self-awareness, self-empowerment & self-defence handbook.

This ebook is freely available of the ebook are available here as a PDF for reading and printing. (PDF Download)

ePub and Mobi versions of the ebook are available as a free downloaded from this site.

Politics for the Imprisoned is published as an ebook to make it available to the widest possible audience. People outside the prison will gain an insight into the prison experience generally, and specifically in relation to Craig’s politicised experience.

For People in prison, it is Craig’s hope that people who have family and friends in prison, will print a copy of Politics for the Imprisoned from the PDF version and send it to people on the inside. Craig writes about this in the Foreword to Politics for the Imprisoned