Django moves to Transifex

It’s been a long time coming, but slowly the translation/L10n workflow is being addressed in a serious manner by groups like Pootle, 99translations and Transifex.

I think this is an important step for FLOSS. There are a lot of bilingual developers cooking up some great code, but the translation workflow itself is somewhat obscure to developers, just as the software development process is to translators. Concepts like revision control are useful to both, but not easily enough explained to translators. The nuances of translation are often beyond the developer. But developers are all for making their own lives easy – that’s why products like version control, and project managements software like trac and redmine exist.

Django, an open source web framework*, has recently decided to do some testing with Transifex:

Transifex is a highly scalable localization platform with a focus on integrating well with the existing workflow of both translators and developers.

It aims in making it dead-simple for content providers to receive quality translations from big translation communities, no matter where the project is hosted.

You can join Transifex for free and get started here.

Of course, the next todo email in my inbox reminded me that Open Subtitles (“Subtitles and Captions for Every Video on the Web”) have also move to Transifex.