NYTimes focus on Google translate – 17/03/2010

The New York Times’ has posted a couple of articles recently related to translation:

In Google’s Toolkit for Translators Helps Feed Its Machine, Carnegie Mellon researcher Alon Lavie agrees that Google will be using it’s translator’s toolkit to improve it’s machine translation systems, stating “The toolkit is a goldmine for sucking data”. The article is more broadly around how this translation service is being utilised by languages that are close to extinction. Here’s the official post from Google on it’s efforts to preserve minority languages.

The second article, Google’s Computing Power Refines Translation Tool, is more of a history of the company’s efforts regards translation, subtitling and speech recognition. Franz Och, Google’s lead on the Machine Translation team, acknowledges “Google’s translation system still needed improvement, but he said it was getting better fast. “The current quality improvement curve is still pretty steep”