Translation in Crisis situations (Haiti) – 21/01/2010

Crisis Commons is a grassroots organization that facilitates partnerships and maintains a network of technology volunteers to respond to specific needs in times of crisis.”

Obviously, with everything that’s happening in Haiti right now, the site has come alive. Translation nerds are in on the act too, including a call out for French Translators (see Stuff To Do) and an XML Creole-English dictionary that has been cobbled together from various sources.

If you are interested in helping there is much more information on each of the sites.

In broader terms, there has also been a call out for opening and standardisation of datasets – a great example of why these concepts are important. Translation similarly benefits from the XLIFF standard and loses when propriety data sets are used (eg: Multilizer).

Subtitling could also do with greater standardisation as currently there are at least seven different file types that can be used.