Universal Subtitles get Mozilla seed funding – 01/05/2010

As part of Mozilla‘s Drumbeat program, Universal Subtitles is having donations matched dollar for dollar.

Accessibility is the primary motivator behind Universal Subtitles. Our goal is to see an exponential number of videos become more accessible: to those with hearing and visual disabilities; across language barriers; and even around literacy barriers (via dubbed audio).

Mozilla have joined with the team behind open source media player Miro, the Participatory Culture Foundation to develop “a Firefox subtitling extension, as well as a community subtitle database” with the goals of

  • Making our website and subtitling widget localizable (i.e. translating the tools into different languages)
  • Adding support for non-western characters and languages
  • Support for both captions and subtitles*
  • Support for alternate audio tracks (i.e. dubbing)
  • Ability to read subtitle text to speech
  • Accessibility audit for the toolset and website (eg. navigation, keyboard interaction, etc)
  • Computer assisted translation

If you are interested in testing, you are encouraged to sign up to the mailing list on the Universal Subtitles blog.