Artists…are awesome to know

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of artistic friends, and have the pleasure of living with two and shacking up with another for half the week. I thought I’d share their sites, as they are diverse and help keep my technical obsessions in check.

Richard always has me “re-routing the mainframe”. I know that this is how he says “I love you” and has a voracious appetite for video content. I’ve got a couple of his paintings, but I think that his The Life of Castles is beautifully understated – simple and evocative like xkcd on a good day.

Amy is the perfect artist. It’s 2pm on Sunday. I know she was in bed last night at 10. She’s still in bed. Yet I still know that she will have a new surprise for me when we chat next.

Amber is the geekiest of my artistic coterie, and her art (in that it’s craft) is singularly different from the others, while her comics are excellent. She is also the brains behind Comic Artist’s Rehab.

Finally (for this post at least), I’d like to introduce you to the photo’s of Edwino “Dolly” Roseno, some of whom’s artwork appears in the header of this blog. I bought the full size images from him while hanging out at Mes 56 in Jogjakarta, early 2009. Here are a bunch of the images from the same series that I didn’t buy: 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7*, 8, 9 (* denotes I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy these)