As an Administrator

Until now, this blog has been focused on what got me motivated to start it – Technology and Translation. My plan all along was to include other things I find interesting or am doing at the time, and this is my first post in this regard. You can expect more – I will try to not repost too much that can be found elsewhere (like The Directory of Wonderful things or Reddit) and tightly focus on what’s of interest. I admit I’m very much inspired by acb’s blog and writing style at /dev/null and hope to be as interesting. I’ve also got my latest tracks on the right if you are interested in what I’m listening to.

I am a Systems Administrator by trade and have a few servers to look after in my spare time. One of those servers is for my personal glamour project Tech Support for the Revolution, and it’s a few of those projects that I’d like to highlight now.

There’s an interesting CMS for photographers called indexhibit that fits it’s target market so well that the lack of code updates for two years doesn’t stop new people from using it all the time.

I’ve set up two instance, one each for my friends Liam White and Meicy Sitorus. Both are part time photographers – Liam’s a designer and Meicy runs projects for Rumah Buku.

The thing I like most about helping my artistic contemporaries is that they can do their own design – I am constantly frustrated by my lack of design foo and impatience with CSS. I know a lot of potential clients go elsewhere because of this, although I’m excited about a budding relationship with Pip Stafford that may help fix this problem.

For many years, I’ve been an online activist in the traditional sense – an anti capitalist activist, online. I spent many years with the Indymedia mob (and still provide with high level tech support), Enagemedia and a number of other projects that have disappeared from the Internet. I worked for The Wilderness Society as a Systems Administrator for a few years as well.

Recently, after a fundraiser for the Squatters and Unwaged Worker’s show on 3CR I was chatting to someone and mentioned Tech Support for the Revolution. They took my number, and while in Sydney for work three weeks later, I got a call from someone at Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People and asked if I could help with a prisoner’s blog. Sure, I said, send my details through.

Two weeks later I returned to Melbourne to find a letter from Craig Minogue. Like any other person, I went searching and was quite shocked, to say the least. As were my flatmates as I read the article out at the kitchen table.

Then I read his personal site. I had to – he has never been on the Internet. He sends me printouts of his website that he has marked up, and I edit the site accordingly. I then send him back the printouts of the text….Hence I’ve read most of the text portions.

I have grown fond of Craig over the last few months, although I’ve never spoken to him nor met him in person. Sometimes his mum will email me asking a question on his behalf, and I get weekly correspondence from him. He’s even been nice enough to give me some of his art as compensation for my hours, and I love it.

More personally important for me is how much I want to do this for him. I’ve done work for rich and poor organisations that always pull the “not much budget” line when they want something done. Finally I’ve found someone that really doesn’t have a budget.

And I think he’s worth it. I am looking forward to shaking his hand and breaking some bread with him in six years.