OmegaT news

OmegaT is a great, free TEnT that has a very active and friendly email discussion list that I recommend you join if you use or plan to use the software.

Recently they have released version 2.2.0 beta 2 which is the version I’d recommend, but the stable version is 2.0.5 if you feel uncomfortable with pre-release software.

There are two other points of interest this week as well. There has been active discussion on the email list in regards to OmegaT’s wikipedia entry that has resulted in a number of updates including an updated features section and a “formats directly supported” section. If you aren’t using OmegaT, Wikipedia now has a good description of what you can expect.

The second interesting discussion is about The Shortcomings of OmegaT which follows closely on the heels of last month’s Strong and Weak points thread. The thing I like most about these threads is that often users (me included) will post a shortcoming/weak point only to have one of the more experienced users set us straight, or tell us how they overcome the same problems.

Does any other TEnT software provide such excellent, free and timely support?