The Creative Internet

This week, Google posted a large document called The Creative Internet (warning, large file, takes time to download. Caveat: you can start reading before it fully downloads). You may well loose 24 hours following links to some amazing sites.

There were a few of interest to translators: on page 85, despite it being called a joke, the question “What happens when language is no longer a barrier?” is posed, with a iphone/android phone mock up of real time translation of the speaking voice. This is surely soon to be reality – I think the “joke” is that Google is probably very well prepared for this eventuality, if not driving the development behind closed doors.

The other page of note was a Spanish language specific page 103,  about “Spanish-speaking bibliophiles are creating the first collaborative audiobook”:

el Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes is being cut up into 2149 10-line sections.

Readers request a section (randomly assigned) and have 6 hours to record & upload.

You can see the introductory youtube video here.