Recently on the OmegaT email list a post included the link to a very useful looking software package called TMBuilder. It’s written for Windows, but there were reports of it running under Wine as well. Like most good, free software, it was born from a frustration:

TMbuilder was created to save both my and everybody else’s time that could be wasted using Trados’ WinAlign or any other commercially available alignment programs which usually don’t offer an acceptable merging quality. One of my Localization projects pushed me to build up a new TM project from hundreds of thousands of words saved in MS Excel spreadsheets.

Increasingly I find myself telling students that the important aspect of Translation and Technology to recognise is that it’s not one TEnT or CAT that is going to make it easy for you. Translation has a workflow, as does technology – and technology provides us with tools to overcome the harder parts of that workflow. Building TMs from disparate sources just got a whole lot easier.