Wordfast free online TM!

Wordfast is a TEnT that I’ve had education licences for this year, but we never used them in class – we were struggling to get Trados working on our system for the whole semester and asking even more of the IT team seemed a stretch. If the course is still taught next year, I’ll try to get it installed.

The thing that struck me as strange about Wordfast was that in this day and age, I needed to send snail mail on the University’s letterhead, signed by the head of school, to get the (admittedly, free) Education licences. I admit to dismissing them slightly, although I was tickled at having my first opportunity to send paper mail to France.

Well, now they have announced FreeTM.com, basically a TEnT online. Gone are the days of needing to be near your home computer or laptop to get work done. Translators can upload a million TUs in their TMs, the TMs are not shared with anyone, the Terms of Use are *wonderfully* succinct and understandable. And it really is free – you just register/sign in and off you go. There are full backup and download facilities to make up for the 10 document/million TU limits, which in some regards placates my concerns about how long it will last and how long it will remain free.

I’m not a translator, but it looks very useful. I’d love to know what it’s short-comings are – I presume it’s functionality is stripped back compared to a full suite like OmegaT or Trados?

I also discovered yesterday that if you want a free license to the desktop version of Wordfast, you only need to translate their Wikipedia entry, obviously this opportunity is only available if the page hasn’t already been translated into your L1/L2.