Universal Subtitles update

Last week there was an update to Universal Subtitles. Without a doubt the two biggest were the ability to add subtitles to any video on your site with a single line of code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://s3.www.universalsubtitles.org/js/mirosubs-widgetizer.js”></script>

But it also included some big name collaborations – one with the MIT Open Courseware project, for a subject called “Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering” (more info on the OS blog), and the other with Wikipedia – Wikicommons have added it to their beta video player.

Other news includes the amazing contributions by Mirabai Knight subtitling 30 videos in 30 days, and the encouraging news that the Participatory Culture Foundation (the people behind Universal Subtitles) deciding that the software was at a good enough standard to direct their attention to getting more people using it:

The upcoming release will focus on volunteering and community, which form the core of the Universal Subtitles ethos. We’re feeling strong about the platform and are ready to make a push here. This is thanks to everyone who has made suggestions, given feedback, reported bugs, and tested the software!

If only the rest of the translation technology industry was so exciting and open.

<edit> 20101216
Overnight the pop group OK GO!, better known for amazingly interesting music videos than musical ability, teamed up with Universal Subtitles to have a Translation Party resulting in 15 completed translations within an hour.

<edit> 20101217
OK GO are reporting 93 translations in the 36 hours since they started. Pretty damn good, really.