Localisation of Django now on Transifex

Today the Django development team have announced that all future localisation will be done through Transifex, the collaborative translation site.

What does this mean? It means simultaneously making localisation *significantly* easier for both interested parties (Translators and Developers).┬áMost importantly, translators/localisers no longer require an understanding of revision control systems or the issue trackers – two pieces of software used extensively by nerds that tend to place more value on function than form and that the rest of society have little need for.

This is not only an important step for Django, the bar for localisation has been lowered to “can you register an account and can you translate English->L2”, but also for Transifex who will benefit from the extra exposure.

This is the model of “business as usual” in the future when it comes to translations –

Translate Django here.


I thought the Transifex site looked quite Django-y, and low, it is!