No Peanuts!

I’d completely forgotten about No Peanuts, the site that “provides support and resources to professional translators and interpreters in demanding and receiving a living wage for their work.”┬áThere seems to be significantly more content┬ásince I initially visited.

I like the Humour section, because I’m genuinely into funny. I like the general idea – a union of workers with a beef – as an anarchist, I highly approve. The problem I have is that translators tend to come off as snobbish spoilt brats. The reactionary backlash against technology that is so commonly married to these complaints is ignorant and embarrassing.

To reiterate and clarify: I can understand the complaints against the boss, the big business, the callousness. But I don’t understand the complaints against the tech because they are largely misinformed, conservative and unrelated to the problem. It also shows a distinct lack of imagination in how translation will fit into the future.

Translators should be paid. This may require a greater understanding on the part of businesses that require translations. But you are not winning friends over here by disparaging the way that I make a living.