Worldwide Lexicon to rollout a crowd translation tool

There was an email to the Flossmanual’s discussion list yesterday from Worldwide Lexicon about a soon to be publicly announced crowd translation service called Der Mundo. Initially, the main issue I have is that it requires a facebook login – a service which I opted out of six months ago due to privacy concerns. But what I think is great, and a step forward, is that it uses Google Translate and Apertium machine translation services first, and then crowd sources the rest:

Machine translation is great, but we all know it often produces inaccurate (and sometimes funny) translations. Der Mundo is the worldwide web, translated by people. We use machine translation (from Google Translate and Apertium) to produce a rough draft. Then users take over to edit the translations, score translations from other users, and make them better.

I am fascinated to see how this project turns out. Chrome already comes with a built in translation service through Google translate, whereas this is browser neutral. Further, a number questions arise: how does one access the translations? What will become of the resulting Translation Memories? Will non facebook users have access to the process and the end product?

Short Cuts

Apologies for the break in transmission – a friend’s young child died recently, and my timetable has been skew ever since.