The Culture Wire

A good friend of mine, Nova has started a new blog to go with her business The Culture Wire offering translation, planning and logistics help for those wanting to visit Indonesia. Earlier this week she posted a wonderful riff on Java:

I the west, Java is simply coffee. You will hear people say, “let’s go get some Java”. It means get some coffee. But not all of them who say that understand where and what is Java. In your tourist book, whatever the tittle is, lonely or crowded planet, Java is an island near Bali. In Brooklyn, Java is the name of a street. In your computer and phone cell, Java is a script that every operating system can read (and the logo is a cup of coffee). In Indonesia, there is “gula Jawa” means Java sugar, “kopi Jawa” means Java coffee and “beras Jawa” means Java rice.

But what people rarely understand is that Java also an attitude. Java or Javanese is not all about where you from and what your skin color. To be honest, there is no perfect word to translate Java. All I know being a Javanese is as simple as understand the harmony and the balance of live. Javanese says, “do not pinch if you don’t want to get pinched”. Java is universal. Javanese are universalist. Everyone can be a Javanese and a Javanese can be anyone and able to live anywhere. Java is not a label and it might be as simple as “good”.
If someday I met you, I might say that you are a Javanese and your good coffee is Java coffee 🙂