Interesting 3D language maps

Artisit R. Luke Dubois has an produced a series of maps of America, colour coded, showing distributions of words used on online dating sites called A More Perfect Union. There’s the expected analysis, as will always be the case when focusing on such a “sexy” topic

Looking at the Naughty map, DuBois said that from this image he can tell that no one in Wyoming used “naughty” in their profile, but bigger amounts of women in Colorado used “naughty. In addition, all the purple on the Nice map suggests that both men and women use “nice” in their profile.

More interestingly, and less analysed, at least by this article, is the dimensionality achieved in the maps – simultaneously showing usage and gender by state, in map form. By using gradients of red-purple-blue for gender, and bright-dark for levels of use, it’s easy to show complex information in a quick glance – light red? Used by a lot of women and few men. Dark purple? Unusued by either sex generally.

This is a particularly powerful and effective way to show such complex information.