DEviaNT – an innuendo identifying AI?

Ok, so it’s been a while, but in my defence, I’ve moved house and taken on full time parenting – kids are busy-making, let me tell you.

There’s been so much going on that I’m not even sure where to start…

Two AI researchers have created a system that attempts to identify innuendo called DEviaNT – short for Double Entendre via Noun Transfer. Their recent paper “That’s What She Said: Double Entendre Identification” describes an attempt at Natural Language Processing – already a hard task, made more difficult in regards to puns and humour, due to the necessity contextual hints:

These three functions were used to score sentences for noun euphemisms (ie, does a test sentence include a word likely to be used in an erotic sentence). Other elements sentences were scored on included the presence of adjectives and verbs combinations more likely to be used in erotic literature. Finally, they used some information such as the number of punctuation and non-punctuation items in sentences.