Google Translate adds Indic scripts

Google Translate welcomes you to the Indic web:

Beginning today, you can explore the linguistic diversity of the Indian sub-continent with Google Translate, which now supports five new experimental alpha languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. In India and Bangladesh alone, more than 500 million people speak these five languages. Since 2009, we’ve launched a total of 11 alpha languages, bringing the current number of languages supported by Google Translate to 63.

Of course, my role is to see the subtle changes – the most important part of this announcement is the release of fonts for each language: TamilTeluguBengaliGujarati and Kannada. Why is it the most important? Because the translation aspect was always going to arrive eventually – there are massive numbers of potential customers in those five language groups. From personal experience last year (with Tamil), it’s the fonts that are hard to find.