OmegaT hits 2.3.0!

It’s been so long since I’ve had time to blog properly that not only has OmegaT hit 2.3.0, but there’s been an update just today to 2.3.0-update-1:

From the 2.3.0 release announcement:

Following version 2.0.5, OmegaT 2.3.0 is the new standard version of OmegaT.

It comes with a new up to date English manual, rewritten in DocBook, to allow producing different documentation formats (currently available are HTML and PDF).

Compared with 2.0.5, 2.3.0 brings 79 enhancements and a large number of bug corrections.

Significant improvements include (in ascending chronological order):
– match statistics,
– time stamped segments with author,
– a plugin system (three plugins are currently available),
– TransTips, which highlight, with a selectable popup, glossary words in the source segment,
– a language checker plugin provided by LanguageTool,
– automatic insertion of source tags,
– support for Lingvo DSL dictionaries,
– loading TMXs from nested folder, and automatic insertion of exact matches for selected TMXs,
– filtering search results in the Editor, with possibility to search on modification date and author,
– Apertium machine translation,
– possibility to search separately in the source and target segments,
– highlighting search results,
– aggregation of Open XML (MS Office “2007) tags,
– better handling of tags when reading non-OmegaT TMXs,
– visual identification of non-unique segment,
– a glossary term creation interface.

Two new glossary formats are accepted: CSV and TBX.

There are new file filters: Help & Manual, Typo3 LocManager and l10nmgr, Windows Resources (RC), DTD and Mozilla .properties, SVG images, Iceni Infix and Flash XML export.
Some additional filters are provided by a new Okapi plugin for OmegaT ( Trados TagEditor TTX, Qt TS, JSON, InDesign IDML and Transifex projects, for a total of 31 file filters.
All the changes and bug fixes are detailed in changes.txt.
Compared with the latest version 2.2.3 update 4, there are 10 enhancements, such as allowing blank translations in PO files, enabling no prefix for fuzzy matches, and a new option to respect spaces in Open XML documents, and 6 bug fixes.

From the latest update’s announcement:

(2.3.0-update-1) is a maintenance release, containing one bug correction and three new localisations.
In some circumstances, the Mozilla DTD filter was skipping some segments.

The Dutch, Italian and Hungarian localisations have been updated to 2.3.

You can download the new version following the directions from for standard versions.