Some Assembly Required

Sadness was the first thing I felt when I discovered that one of my favourite podcast/radio shows had ended earlier this year, made that little bit harder by the fact that I’d only soon before that taken a break from listening. For twelve years Some Assembly Required had been playing “tape-manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations” from well before the genre was made popular by DJ Dangermouse or Girl Talk, and never ceased to showcase new work and artists. 262 episodes later, producer (and new parent) Jon Nelson has called it a day and the airwaves will be poorer for the loss of this great show.

Thanks to SAR I’ve been introduced to a bundle of new artists – Buttress O’Kneel, Lecture on Nothing, Cassette Boy, The Tape Beatles, Escape Mechanism, stAllio!, The Bran Flakes, DJ Frenchbloke, RIAA, and People Like Us are just a few that now frequent my playlists. SAR has links to every artist ever played on the show – I recommend you check out the (admittedly, awkwardly designed) list.

If you are interested, I recommend the episodes 100 short tracks, the 10th anniversary episode, and the interviews with DJ FoodNegativland, Christian Marclay, Steinski and John Oswald. If you just want to dip your feet in, try The Evolution Control Committee interview – it’s a good start and a constant in my music catalogue and ipod.

SAR’s last show is available here, featuring a corker by Divide & Kreate titled Always With You, all 262 episodes are available for download here, and an excerpt of SAR can be heard in the ultimate mashup of all time, DJ Food’s Raiding the 20th Century.

I’m guessing that the future of music will look something like this.