The Rosetta Project’s Record a Language day

Unfortunately I missed getting to this before the day of action – the Rosetta Project (a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to build a publicly accessible digital library of human languages) had “Record a Language day” last week:

Did you know…

There is something you can do to help document and promote the languages used in your own community! We need your help to meet our goal of recording 50 languages in a single day! How many languages can you help us document? Bring yourself and your multilingual friends and be the stars of your own grassroots language documentation project!

The recordings you make during the event will be added to The Rosetta Project’s open collection of all human language in The Internet Archive. And, you can compete for cool prizes, including an iPad 2 for the participant who records and uploads the most languages during the event!

If, like me, you missed it (or more to the point, don’t have easy access to San Francisco), there are plenty of other interesting projects going on, in particular the Layers project, “bringing language data to Google Earth” and the 300 Languages Project, an “effort to begin the construction of a universal corpus of human language by collecting parallel text and audio in the world’s 300 most widely-spoken languages. The resulting collection will contain … public domain text documents and audio recordings which will be made available to researchers and the public alike via The Internet Archive“.