OmegaT 2.5.0 released

Didier has announced the release of OmegaT 2.5.0 – get downloading!

The most important enhancement is the support of multiple translations for a given source segment. Auto-propagation still works as usual, but it is now possible to create alternatives to “default” (auto-propagated) translations. It is also possible to deactivate completely auto-propagation.

From the user interface point of view, several new panes are available in OmegaT (if needed, use Restore Main Window to make them appear). There is a Multiple Translation pane, a Notes pane, when it is possible to enter notes for each segment and a Comments pane, where non-translatable text can be extracted by the filters to give context to the translator. Currently, the PO, HTML and Java properties filters have been updated to use this feature.