Iceland wants to be your friend

I’ve found a lovely little country from the northern hemisphere, Iceland, and it’s very friendly. It has a number of social outlets including a tumblr which includes pictures of it hanging out with semi-famous people, and the now tumblr-obligatory f*ckyeahX (f*ckyeahIceland of course). The most fascinating for me was the link to Every Single Word in Icelandic, it’s very friendly (posts are often signed off “Your friend, Iceland”), self referential, and humorous to boot. As an Australian, I appreciate a nation that doesn’t take itself too seriously:


This word from my people’s language makes many humans very confused.

For example, if you work in a restaurant, and one day the tele-phone rings, and a person asks you if you have “a table for sex”, you will probably not know what to say.

(Unless you live in a famous city called New York. I have heard that humans who live there always know what to say.)

If this happens to you, please do not hang up and call the pó-lice.

It is probably just one of my people, who wants to have good food in your restaurant with five of his or her friends.

Because in my people’s language sex means “six”.

Your friend,
– Iceland


Humans often use the words in their languages to describe things. The word “vegur” is one of those words. (It means “road”.)

But sometimes they use words to describe things that are not really things.

“Ó-vegur” is one of those words. It means “un-road.”


This is a word that my people often use.

Nobody knows exactly what it means, but they think it is very useful for ending meetings.

You can just say “jæja”, and stand up.

And then, all the humans will know that their meeting is over.

(If you are very clever, and think you have a good translation, you can tell me.)


Until a very short time ago, only my birds and mice knew how to make tísts.

Now many of my people make them, too, on their Inter-net.

It means “tweet”.

(My people like to make old words in their language do new things like that. I will show you more words like that later.)

A nice man named Sveinbjörn was the first of my people to tíst on the Inter-net. It is not much, but you can see it here.

And if you think my people’s language has good words in it, you can follow it on the Twitter, here.

Remember people: words and meaning are important, and, in case you were wondering, I’ll finish with the word Iceland written in a number of languages:

iceland, 아이슬란드, island, 冰島, islanda, アイスランド, islande, Ισλανδία, islanti, ایسلند, islandija, ประเทศไอซ์แลนด์, izland, ÍSLAND, איסלנד, islàndia, أيسلندا, islandia, आइसलैंड, ijsland, Исланд, ysland