All languages except ours

I only needed to be berated once by an Indonesian friend for using the term ‘bahasa’ interchangeably with ‘Indonesian’ – as in “Do you speak Bahasa”. Bahasa means ‘langauge’ and it made me look silly – “Do you speak a language?” – ‘bahasa Indonesia’ is the correct term. Today I discovered, via Every Word in Icelandic, that they have a word for “all the langauges that are not Icelandic“:

you will notice that when you first go into the töff bar to meet my people, they will be saying very clever and witty things to each other, and you just will not understand any of them. Maybe you will be confused about this, but do not worry. (You are not “crazy in your brain-house”.)

The reason you do not understand them is that they are speaking “íslenska”, and you just do not know how to do this.

You only speak “útlenska”. It means “a language which is not íslenska.”