Accents and invasive phrases

As so often happens with this blog, I start with one page, and end up on something much more interesting. Yesterday on twitter someone mentioned this article on the Australian language taking over the world, which I thought would be interesting but ended up primarily being a light and fluffy piece with a few anecdotes and some admittedly interesting google trend data on phrase usage – personally, I feel a little bit responsible for (and proud of) the spread of ‘no worries‘.

But the very last link in that article promised the tantalising

(By the way, if you want to get ahead of the game you can learn more about how to speak proper English here.)

Follow the link. Go on. And what you find is a treasure trove of “how to speak with an X accent” videos by a group called VideoJug who seem to be an online tv station using Youtube as their broadcast partner. Other accents taught include Scottish, German, French, Russian, Cockney, British, Irish, South African, New York, American – even how to loose your native accent.