Google updates Translate for Android

Google have announced an update to the Google Translate app for Android, including an expansion of Conversation mode, released earlier this year with only English<->Spanish translations:

We began with just English and Spanish, but today we’re expanding to 14 languages, adding Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish.

We’ve also added some other features to make it easier to speak and read as you translate. For example, if you wanted to say “Where is the train?” but Google Translate recognizes your speech as “Where is the rain?”, you can now correct the text before you translate it. You can also add unrecognized words to your personal dictionary.

The application doesn’t loose it’s previous translation functions:

text translation among 63 languages, voice input in 17 of those languages, and text-to-speech in 24 of them.

Apple announced Siri last week to much adoration from fans and mocking from those with Android phones that have had this ability for at least a year. Siri only works in three languages – English, German, French – and has a slightly different focus, but convergence between the two functions can’t be far off.