Swedish Idioms

Humour seems to be a natural by-product of cultural difference – there is just no other way to describe the number of posts I’ve made to this end. And in my youth there was Japlish – one of the earliest humour themes on the internet iirc, and before that books were written. And for the record, never let it be said that it’s not reflexive on the English language too.

In this vein I recently I stumbled upon Swedish idioms in painfully literal translation – I present the editors top ten below – click through for the Swedish translations:

It shrieks to clear one self out of the road with the waist intact
The important thing [here] is to get away alive.

Hello jump in the blueberry forest
A cheerful expression to be used when you are a bit surprised.

Now the boiled pork is fried
Equal to american phrase “now you’re in deep shit”

Is it possible over the head taken
“Is it possible at all?” would be the correct phrase.

We are visible
See you later

Hear you you you! What are you holding on with?
Hey you! What are you doing?!

Now you have shit in the blue cupboard
When you really have made a fool out of yourself.

How much yawns the cracker
Stockholm slang for “what time is it?”

That was like the cat
Idiomatic expression – that’s amazing!

With his beard in the mailbox
Caught by surprise; caught with his pants down.