Nebraska tried to outlaw foreign language instruction

Only Reddit would find this stuff: TIL that in 1919, the state of Nebraska tried to outlaw foreign language instruction – from the Meyer v. Nebraska Wikipedia page

On April 9, 1919, Nebraska enacted a statute called “An act relating to the teaching of foreign languages in the state of Nebraska,” commonly known as the Siman Act. It imposed restrictions on both the use of a foreign language as a medium of instruction and on foreign languages as a subject of study. With respect to the use of a foreign language while teaching, it provided that “No person, individually or as a teacher, shall, in any private, denominational, parochial or public school, teach any subject to any person in any language other than the English language.” With respect to foreign-language education, it prohibited instruction of children who had yet to successfully complete the eighth grade.

As Weeperblast notes

Makes me proud of my home state. We also tried to sue god, but failed when the exact address of the divine creator couldn’t be determined.