SBS Australia launches Your Language App

SBS has launched a language app for iOS devices, allowing users to listen to and/or replay radio programmes in more than 60 languages:

features reminders, schedule information and interactive features such as voting and audience feedback via text, e-mail or phone.

“The Your Language app extends the reach of the more than 60 SBS radio language programmes with listeners now able to access their favourite programmes on analogue and digital radio, online and now on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at a time that suits the listener,” SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said.

“Coupled with our pilot Chinese language Virtual Community Centre and SBS Television’s Mandarin News Australia and the recently launched Pop Asia TV, these services are demonstrating the potential SBS has to revolutionise in-language services for Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.”

“We provide high quality content in over 60 languages on multiple platforms – on air, online, on TV with Mandarin News Australia and via digital TV, and now, on mobile,”┬áhe said.

I would suggest that the English they use here is poor. This is not “any of our raio programs in one of 60 languages” – this is “we have radio programs that are delivered in 60 languages, you can listen to all of them”. In other words don’t suddenly expect the Greek cooking show to be in Japanese. Having said that, this is a good step forward – SBS has been quite brutal with it’s layoffs over the last few years – subtitlers and non English programming both. Let’s hope this is the start of a reinvestment.

The SBS Language app