Artatak: Remapping words

While I was living in Yogyakarta in 2008 I had the pleasure of sharing the space at the now defunct (sads!) Mes56. Katerina Valdivia was also staying there at the time. I will always remember the Argentinian/German New Year’s eve feast she cooked on my first night there  – I was just recovering from Dengue fever, having spent Xmas in a fevered stupor – and it was one of the greatest feasts I’d ever tasted.

I got an email from Katerina last week advertising her latest show, titled Remapping Words. Instant attention grabbing headline in my book:

Sometimes words become the staging of symbolic spaces, that attempt to change reality. This is one of the aims of the piece Resignation by Lisha, a work that follows a strategy of redirecting a meaning by altering or adding words. The artist intervenes in the public space subverting the rules that organise it.

With the work Investir, Valeria Schwarz created a participatory and dialogic piece based on three month of Facebook and online chats with people from North African countries. Taking some of the  phrases of their conversations, the artist inserted them in daily life situations in the city of Murcia, Spain. With this, these sentences acquired another meaning through the new geographical context in which they were presented.

Using subtitles, Stine Eriksen creates in the video Choreography #1 a tension between the word and its display, showing the impossibility of words to fill the absence on which language is based.

I can’t make it (wrong side of the planet), but if you are near Berlin – check it out and let me know!