Anaphraseus updated

Anaphraseus, a Wordfast (Classic) equivalent for LibreOffice or OpenOffice, has had a big update just recently, mostly to deal with the deprecation of the Google Translate API, but with some other goodies as well:

What’s new:

* Fixed hanging in table during cleanup/restore
* Placeables (only numbers up to now)
* Recognized soft hypen in terms
* Bullets/numbering fix
* Mark terms cursor fix
* Fixed quotes for Google Translate
* Fixed bug in concordance search for big TMs (issue #2101540)
* Google Translate module rewritten to meet shutdown of API v1

It can be downloaded here.

For those that are still using Open Office, I highly recommend the move to Libre Office. The company that owned the copyright to OOo was sold and the codebase was forked when the new owner didn’t move fast enough to address some long outstanding issues. The Libre Office code base now has a large number of fixes that previously had been waiting a long time to be fixed in OO, development is significantly faster, and most Linux distros are moving to LO as the default over OO.