Freedom Fone documented

Last week FlossManuals teamed up with the Freedom Fone community to write some documentation (pdf). I really like this project, particularly the way it uses technology to overcome linguistic barriers:

Freedom Fone makes it easy to build interactive, two way, phone based information services using interactive audio voice menus, voice messages, SMS and polls. The DIY platform is accessible, user-friendly, low-cost, global and does not require Internet access for users and callers alike. It takes advantage of audio to address language and literacy barriers when reaching out to the millions of people living on the margins of the information society.

The book is no push over, coming in at around 160 pages including 30 pages of examples and scenarios

Freedom Fone enables you to design your own interactive menus to:

  • Share audio information with your audience; this audio information can take many forms including voice menu (press 1, press 2, etc.), educational dramas, short news items, or even a song!
  • Organise a poll to enable your audience to vote on an issue using theirĀ phone;
  • Collect SMSs from your audience – these might be updates about specific news events, alerts or similar time critical information;
  • Get your audience to leave audio messages to share their opinion on a particular topic or make reports in their own language.