Unicode updated to include Expressionless Face

Slashdot is reporting on the release of Unicode 6.10. The new Unicode standard was released on 31 Jan and includes 732 new characters, including the Expressionless Face mentioned in the heading – here is the full list of emoticons available in Unicode, including the 13 new characters. Thankfully the Slashdot readership were good enough to point out that the characters for Love Hotel and Pile of Poo were already in the Unicode begging the question is 4chan in charge of this standard? More interestingly, well – more cerebral maybe – is that there are now entries for Meroitic Hieroglyphs and Cursive (from the Kingdom of Meroë/Kush, a Nubian state in what is currently Sudan. And Arabic has had a significant increase in mathematical symbols and the Arabic Extended A script has been expanded amongst others.