Pineapple Donuts

Ok. So I’ve not announced anything here as yet, so I will now. In three weeks I am moving to the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati (pron: Kiri-bass), specifically the town of Bairiki on the island of Tarawa, for a year.

My whole family will be coming too – I am building a database for the Government, Amber is working in Marketing and Communications for the Kiribati Institute of Technology and our children are going to the local primary school. Both Amber and I are working with the AVID project.

This has been in the works since about October of last year, which hopefully explains my relative silence over the last two months, at least. Preparations are well underway, although the house is yet to be packed. Feel free to volunteer to help in this regard.

Further, given the nature of my work as a volunteer, but also the availability of the internet (or lack of), Pineapple Donut may well go on a small 12 month hiatus. I will potentially post a few things, but I certainly wont be doing quite as much as I have previously.

I absolutely plan on coming back to this project at the end of the assignment and look forward to reporting on tech/translation soon. I will be starting a blog about our experiences while we are away – I’ll be reporting on that very soon.