Updated Libre Office

I discovered that the premier free office software, Libre Office, was updated to version 3.5 recently. For those working with language, amongst the new features and fixes are a some Localisation improvements that justify an upgrade. If you are paying for a competitive office suite, I recommend you try Libre Office before spending the money at you next upgrade opportunity.


  • Added Arabic, Aragonese, Belarusian, Bengali, Breton, Bulgarian, Scottish Gaelic, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Latvian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Sinhala, and Telugu spelling dictionaries. (Andras Timar)
  • Use of possessive genitive case and/or partitive month names if provided by a locale’s locale data (e.g., Russian, Polish, Finnish, Lithuanian, and others).
    If a day of month (D or DD) is present in a number formatter’s date format code, the month name for MMM or MMMM is displayed in possessive genitive case or partitive case.
    Else if no day of month is present, the month name is displayed as noun / nominative case.
    See blog for more details. (Eike Rathke)
  • Corrections to Polish [pl-PL], Portuguese [pt-PT and pt-BR], Slovenian [sl-SI], and Latin [la-VA] locale data, esp. date formats. (Eike Rathke, Martin Srebotnjak, Mateusz Zasuwik, Olivier Hallot, Roman Eisele, Sérgio Marques)
  • Initial support for two new UI languages, Luxembourgish (lb) and Tatar (tt) 
    LibreOffice 3.5 supports 107 UI languages.