Free Music – legitimately!

Updates are still brief – we come home from Kiribati in late Feb, early March. But at the moment I’m in Fiji and enjoying some fast internet speeds. I’ve had a couple of emails waiting for attention and bandwidth to deal with properly. The most important is definitely the music blog and archive The Free Music Archive – chock full of free music goodness. I highly recommend the Indonesian 2012 Net Label Union compilation – I’m a big fan of the Yes No Wave label, and the bands White Shoes and the Couples Company, The Upstairs and Shorthand Phonetics.

Of course, they have a tag for the bestof2012 as curated by the members – anyone can use the tag, so there’s lots of interesting opinions from around the world.

I’m also looking forward to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion live at (our favourite American radio station) WFMU (“Woof-Moo”) gig, and finally “katya-oddio: Late ’70s to Mid ’80s Heroes, which includes some doozies from Superchunk, The Units, Gang of Four, The Damned, Half Japanese, Paul Westerberg, David Byrne, The Scientists – look, it’s free right – just go and get it already.