OmegaT developers offer free hosting for teams

The latest OmegaT news is interesting:

This mail concerns all the teams who work on OmegaT localization.

With all the recent activity on the list, you must be aware that OmegaT 2.6 now offers the ability to easily work in teams over the internet.
The function has been discussed at length here and is also very clearly detailed in blog posts written by 2 very active members of the OmegaT community:

As you can see, the SVN/GIT server setting is the hardest part, including the fact that it is not trivial to find free and professional SVN server hosting services.

So, let me inform you that Didier (in fact Didier Briel Consulting and PnS Concept) is offering all the OmegaT l10n teams (ie languages where 2 or more people work on the localization) professional grade hosting for free with unlimited bandwidth.

The French localization team has been using the service for a few months now and it works like a breeze.

I strongly suggest that all the teams move to such a system because it tremendously eases the translation process when a number of people are involved.


Note that this is only for those translating the OmegaT software itself – but is an interesting business in general – surely there is room in the market for such a service?