Translation Fun

Nothing is quite so fun as language games – scrabble, find a word, and limericks are all examples of just how deep our fascination with word play really is.

Then, in the late 1980s through to the early 2000s there was a flurry of books, and later internet sites, about poor translations to English, especially as seen in Japan and China or on products made in those countries, the pinnacle being All Your Base are Belong To Us. This phenomena is sometimes distastefully named chinglish or japlish or engrish.

More recently language and translations as entertainment and art have blossomed with the internet’s reach and access at such a level that would boggle anyone 20 years ago.

Which means that sometimes you see fun experiments like this somewhat lazy but very recognisable and funny translation of 30 artists and record sleeves.

(via MeFi)