The Whorf Hypothesis all wrong

I was put onto the podcast Lexicon Valley by pal Fiona Tweedie. One of the first that I listened to was No, Your Language Doesn’t Influence How You Experience the World in which they talk to the linguist John McWhorter about the Whorf Hypothesis (aka linguistic relativity):

the notion that the language you speak affects the way you think, and even influences how you experience reality itself. It’s an attractive idea, and one that makes some visceral sense. English, with its unique structure and grammar and vocabulary, will necessarily bestow a particular worldview that is different from that of Russian, say, or any of the other roughly 6,000 languages still spoken on Earth, right?

McWhorter makes a strong case – interesting in light of The Drama and the Invented Language in which neo-fascists hijacked John Quijada’s conlang Ithkuil in order to “think different” – like a/the master race.